Every success story has a beginning
Take inspiration for yours from the stories of other entrepreneurs.  Read our most recent blog posts and get your creative juices flowing. 
There’s a monetisation model for every app, but not all models fit all apps. Learn the differences.
The biggest office space company with a drive to build communities just added to their portfolio the niched, but established platform of bringing people together around their passions.
Not understanding a line of code when you have to work with developers is scary, but it doesn’t have to be.
Gathering your users’ data is what allows your app to grow, but it’s also critical to do it right.
Look into any “overnight success” story, and you’ll discover the seeds of said success had been sown years before, in previous experiences of failure and acquired grit. 
You can’t always manage to treat your users like royalty, but it’s worth going out of your way to not annoy them. 
Our understanding of “disruptive innovation” has changed in the last decade. So why do many entrepreneurs still strive to be defined as such?
Before building your startup, test your assumptions: are your potential users excited about your app, is your business model viable? Only through validation will you know if your idea is worth pursuing.
Struggling with risks and fears is part of any entrepreneur's journey. Some get stuck in them, others find a way to move forward.
Every founder strives to make his app look good for their users. But that is just one step in the long journey of creating a good user experience.
With a good idea, a strong pitch and a healthy dose of passion, any entrepreneur can raise the funding they need. The secret is knowing who to approach and when.
On days when approaching investors goes wrong, the idea of crowdfunding seems the light at the end of the tunnel. But there is no magic to-do list to make your business a crowdfunding star.
Mike has always found himself running his own businesses. Now he's decided to develop a digital business.
As you start your journey as a digital entrepreneur, you’ll have to rely often on your own resources. Bootstrapping, as it’s called, comes with many struggles, but also many rewards.
Few entrepreneurs talk about the process of setting the terms and goals of a collaboration. Get the insights to need to know if a partnership is good for your startup or not.
Learn about the PREZIGEN app, the process and the journey of building it from Jonathan Yaharajah, the entrepreneur behind this ingenious idea.
As much as we'd like, people don’t use apps just because they become available. Learn how partnerships help your business boost user acquisition.
Make sure your future business has its own bountiful slice of market. Approaching industry insiders to get clear insights of your niche is pivotal in striving for a successful business.
Jackie and Josh, founders of Spark, can tell you building an app is scary, especially if you’re not a tech expert. But in today’s app industry, it’s easier to succeed, if you know the right process.
When you start nurturing your app idea, it’s tempting to be secretive about it. But in today’s startup scene, there’s more value to be found in collaboration and improvement.
Building a team with the right skills and the right attitude can make or break your company. And more and more companies are seeking the quality and quantity of the talents found in Eastern Europe.
We all know that feeling of anxiety when faced with competitors. But stop being intimidated and start analysing what’s in front of you and it becomes easier to see a route towards success. 
Emma Giblett is developing miConcierge, an app to help you organise anything you might need. Discover her inspirational, yet grounded-in-reality story of her entrepreneurship journey.
Allan and Adelina tell the honest, behind-the-scenes story of working with Hyper to create KiddsBay, an educational tool for children to learn about finances and business.
Andrew's app will rock the startup world and make it easier for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to connect. 
The big tech players we admire today all started with Minimum Viable Products. Learn all there is about defining your MVP and aim your business towards success from your launch. 
Matt Sultana set out with Hyper to build Distress, an app to make the world safer for its users. His insights into working on his app convinced him of the value of building a prototype. 
Meet Thomas Foster, founder of Attender, as he talks about his journey to build an app that will reshape the hospitality industry and make it easier for establishments and workers to connect.
Buzinga’s bankruptcy is a harsh reminder that agencies servicing app developers aren’t safe from common entrepreneurship challenges. 
Product development is about launching something that isn’t perfect but solves a central issue users face. Learn to prioritise features, so you can make your product better with each iteration.
In business, you often have to say no to quick profit and focus on the long-term vision, on your brand and the steps you need to take not to make it big fast but to make it big as an innovator.
What if you could build a business out of passion and empowerment? That's exactly what Bruce Sturgell did with Chubstr.
Vlad, our UX team lead, is a tech traveller. Exploring the world one continent at a time, he infuses his work with the inspiration he gets from the diverse places and people he meets along the way.